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Multifunctional High-Heat Hamburger Chopper

Multifunctional High-Heat Hamburger Chopper

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Are you looking for a kitchen tool that can easily chop, mix, and mash food?
-This is the kitchen tool you've always needed but didn't know existed!

Why do you need this little chopper?
-Because this funky little tool can do so much!

Here are the ways it can improve everyday cooking in your kitchen.
1. Crumble beef, chicken, turkey and sausage.
2. Turn stewed tomatoes into homemade pasta sauce.
3. Mash berries into a dessert sauce.
4. Cut pretty patterns.
5. Cook up rustic potato masher.
6. Mash avocados into chunky guacamole.
7. Make homemade applesauce and more.

Product information: 

Building material: nylon
Type: Manual meat grinder
Product name: Nylon burger chopper mixing and mashing nylon meat chopper
Material: food-grade nylon
Occasion: kitchen tools, barbecue tools
Features:-Lift and carve hot food
-Dishwasher safe
-Chopped meat and chicken
-Very suitable for an outdoor barbecue or use in the kitchen
-Keep a cool handle

Package Content:

Meat Chopper*1 

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